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Venice Biennale 10: Jan Fabre

The most impressive installation this year for me was Jan Fabre‘s ‘Pietas’. An entire church in Venice had been transformed to reveal five carrara marble sculptures on a gold stage. … Continue reading

September 9, 2011 · 1 Comment

Venice Biennale 9: Taryn Simon

TarynSimon¬†(Danish Pavillion) ‘Hymenoplasty ‘ The patient in this photograph is 21 years old. She is of Palestinian descent and living in the United States. In order to adhere to cultural … Continue reading

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Venice Biennale 8: Renato Meneghetti

Renato Meneghetti uses Radiography images in his work. For the Biennale he recreated the famous Lamentation of Christ by the Italian Renaissance artist Andrea Mantegna c.1480 (below) as an x-ray … Continue reading

September 7, 2011 · 2 Comments

Venice Biennale 7: Mai-Thu Perret

This dress re-created by Mai-Thu Perret, is a replica of The Skeleton Dress 1938, by Elsa Schiaparelli. Dali helped Schiaparelli design The Skeleton Dress for the Circus Collection. It was … Continue reading

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Venice Biennale 6: Luciano Ventrone

Can you guess what this immaculate painting by Luciano Ventrone is? As a medical illustrator, it’s easy to think it’s depicting skin, fat and internal organs, so naturally it caught … Continue reading

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Venice Biennale 5: Simone Legno

‘Golfer’ by Simone Legno (aka Tokidoki) was shown as part of the Future Pass branch of the Biennale, highlighting the best of Asian art.

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Venice Biennale 4: Pierluigi Fracassi

Look closely at this apparent rug design ‘Damn perfection’ by Pierluigi Fracassi, and you’ll see the pattern is cleverly made from human bones.

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Venice Biennale 3: Regina Jose Galindo

Going above and beyond the call of an artist, Regina Jose Galindo (Guatemala) exhibited these eight small sculptures. ‘Regina asked a dentist in Guatemala to make three openings in her … Continue reading

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Venice Biennale 2: Katharina Fritsch

German artist Katharina Fritsch exhibited this ‘Stilleben’ (still life). Represented by White cube, you can read more about Katharina’s work here.

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Venice Biennale 1: Francesca Ferreri

After an inspiring trip to the Venice Biennale 2011, I have returned to share snippets of the best bits of art inspired by anatomy on show this year; Francesca Ferreri … Continue reading

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