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Lorenzo Nanni: Embroidered Wounds

Fragments by Lorenzo Nanni (2001) Lorenzo Nanni is a textile artist living and working in Paris. His handmade fiber sculptures are inspired by organic matter and living forms. He reinterprets images of botany … Continue reading

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Cecile Dachary: Crochet organs

  French artist Cecile Dachary makes the most amazing crocheted pieces of art and includes many influenced by the body and anatomy; ‘I’m interested in the representation of the body with … Continue reading

November 26, 2012 · 1 Comment

Lyndie Dourthe: Anatomie

These meticulously embroidered anatomical treasures were created by Lyndie Dourthe. From fabric skeletons squiched into taxidermy display domes, so tiny embroidered knives with drips of blood on them, her site … Continue reading

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Laura Katherine McMillan

The embroidered ‘Cell Series’ by Laura Katherine McMillan are Machine and Hand Embroidery in Petri Dishes. She says; ‘I began this series of embroideries as a way to fuse my background studies … Continue reading

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Matthew Cox, Embroidered X-Rays

Matthew Cox takes an xray of a part of the body and embellishes it with the flesh recreated. He says on his site of his inspiration for the work; ‘The … Continue reading

August 27, 2012 · 1 Comment

Rachel Harmeyer

The above embroidered and embellished paper collages by Rachel Harmeyer are entitled Hysteria I, Hysteria II and Hysteria III. They’re currently on display at the Backyard Moonshine Art Collective’s exhibition “Bridging the Gap: … Continue reading

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Nathalie Ferrier

Nathalie Ferrier works with ‘the language of scientific illustration’ and by using handicraft techniques, creates amazing anatomical installations. From Top; Heart and Lungs, graphite, fabric, masking tape, cotton thread, wood, … Continue reading

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Nicola De Jager Calavera Embroidery

South African artist Nicola De Jager creates these intricate hand embroidered Calaveras. Above form top to bottom; Jesus – Ernesto, Guliana, Ramona. She says of her work; “My inspiration comes from the … Continue reading

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