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The New English: Pimp Your Heart

This idea from ceramic company The New English is genius. You can commission your own words on one of their custom ceramic hearts. Here’s the story of it’s development; ‘I … Continue reading

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Pamela Sunday

Inspired by Science, Pamela Sunday’s sculptures remind me of Luke Jerram’s Glass Microbiology. Their molecular, atom and pollen like shapes are hand built in ceramic. Above from top; Globoid, Hive, Atom, … Continue reading

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Tamsin Van Essen

The ‘diseased’ ceramics of Tamsin Van Essen at first glance appear to be delicate pots, but look closer and read their titles, you soon realise, all is not what it seems. … Continue reading

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Dirk Staschke

I’ve seen this image floating around on the internet for a while, and finally discovered who was responsible; Canadian artist Dirk Staschke. I thought I’d feature it for the small minority … Continue reading

June 11, 2012 · 1 Comment

Anatomical Christmas Gift Guide 2: Anatomical Ceramics

You can’t go wrong with plates and cups, everyone needs them right? There’s a beautiful selection of anatomical ceramics at Culture label, which specialises in art gifts. The New English … Continue reading

December 13, 2011 · 1 Comment

Paul Bishop Ceramic Heart

The New English ceramics company together with Marie Luise Knittel &Paul Bishop have made this Amor Vincit Omnia (platinum) heart. ‘Amor Vincit Omnia (love conquers all) is the 2011 version of the … Continue reading

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Sapetra’s Ceramic Teeth

Petra Sajkas is a London based Ceramic Designer, and after seeing her work at Bust craft fair, I just love her tooth pots. See more of her work at her … Continue reading

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Melody Rose Ceramics

These quintessentially vintage english designs just had to be made in West London. They are the creations of Melody Rose, and make a perfect accompaniment to tea and cake!

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Kühn Keramik Ceramics

It’s difficult being restrained when picking favourite pieces at Kühn Keramik  as there’s just so many lovely anatomical ceramic fancies. Check out the Berlin based company’s site and get lost in … Continue reading

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Nymphenburg Memento Mori Skull

This life size glazed ivory skull from Nymphenburg Porcelain (established 1747) is adorned with butterflies. ‘Inspired by the unique magnificence of nature, butterflies adorn the most complex flower decoration in … Continue reading

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