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Science Museum Executed Head

This Plaster model of an executed Chinese criminal case was made in England c. 1910 and resides at the Science Museum, London. Description from Science museum site; ‘This model head is … Continue reading

October 10, 2012 · 2 Comments

International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago

  While I was in Chicago this September, I visited the Museum of Surgical Science which houses an amazing collection of medical, surgical and anatomical paraphernalia through the ages including … Continue reading

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Brains: The mind as matter at the Wellcome Collection

The latest exhibition showing at the Wellcome Collection, London, is Brains: The mind as matter. More than 150 objects are only display ranging from more scientific items such as segments … Continue reading

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Natural History Museum: Animals Inside Out

This exhibition is Body Worlds does Animals! Featuring nearly 100 plastinated animals and capillary specimens including Elephants, Gorillas, Giraffes (top), Sharks (middle – see info below), and Ostriches (bottom) to … Continue reading

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Wellcome Trust ‘Charms and Miracles’ exhibition

Coinciding with the opening of the Wellcome Trust’s ‘Miracles and Charms‘ exhibition, this weekend saw their Day of the Dead event (above), with sugar skull decorating, papel picado, pan de muerte, … Continue reading

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Francesco da Mosta Visits Bolognia Dissection Room and Anatomical Wax Museum

In the first episode Francesco da Mosta’s new series for the BBC ‘Francesco’s Italy: Top to Toe’, he visits the dissection room of Bolognia University. Built entirely of wood in … Continue reading

August 18, 2011 · 1 Comment

Natural History Museum Human Biology Zone

The Human Biology Zone in The Natural History Museum is an interactive area to explore the human body. Among the attractions, you can hear what it sounds like in the … Continue reading

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Human Anatomical Model talk at Science Museum

The multi-talented  Joanna Ebenstein, is giving a talk at London’s Science Museum on July 5th 2011. You can catch ‘From Votives to Venuses: A Brief History of the Human Anatomical … Continue reading

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Brought to Life

This ‘Brought to life’ website is a brilliant way to find out about all the hundreds of anatomically related objects from the science museum. There are lots of different ways … Continue reading

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London Dungeon anatomy dissection reconstruction

Don’t worry, the picture above is not real, it’s a model from the London Dungeons. Together with learning about London’s grizzly history with bodies, such as Sweeny Todd and Jack … Continue reading

June 16, 2011 · 1 Comment