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Anatomical Christmas Gift Guide 3: Music

How better to say it than with Anatomy, The Loves’ final LP ‘…Love You’ even has a member of the velvet Underground as the voice of Jesus on it – … Continue reading

December 14, 2011 · 1 Comment

Anatomical Christmas Gift Guide 2: Anatomical Ceramics

You can’t go wrong with plates and cups, everyone needs them right? There’s a beautiful selection of anatomical ceramics at Culture label, which specialises in art gifts. The New English … Continue reading

December 13, 2011 · 1 Comment

Anatomical Christmas Gift Guide 1: Best Anatomical Socks

It’s Christmas 2011 in two weeks (eeep!), and if you’re like me and haven’t done any present shopping yet, over the next two weeks I’ll be collecting my anatomical gift … Continue reading

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Kiva Ford Glass

Ahhh, so cute. These teeny glass art creations are the work of glass artist Kiva Ford. You can browse his shop here.

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Circa Ceramics

These brightly coloured anatomical pots, tumblers and spoon holder are handmade by Circa Ceramics in Chicago.

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Brain Salt and Pepper Shaker

Start compiling your christmas wish list…. and put this one first anatomaholics! For only £9.99 from Lazybone.

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Kühn Keramik Ceramics

It’s difficult being restrained when picking favourite pieces at Kühn Keramik  as there’s just so many lovely anatomical ceramic fancies. Check out the Berlin based company’s site and get lost in … Continue reading

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Foetus Cookie Cutter

This would definitely make the office maternity leave celebrations far more humorous. Get baking your own cookies with this foetus cookie cutter, and enjoy eating little 4 month bundles of … Continue reading

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Spine Candle

These spine candles are the first in the range from Candle Delight, a small UK based company making natural beeswax candles.

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Blood Bath

Now you can re-create Psycho in the Shower (without the Psycho) with this O positive Blood Bath Shower Gel.

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