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Stephen Shaheen stone carved bone mountain sculpture

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“Help me sculpt the largest collection of marble bones in the history of the world.”

Brooklyn artist Stephen Shaheen sets out to carve the largest collection of bone sculptures out of marble

My name is Stephen Shaheen, and I’m an artist living in Brooklyn, New York.  I’m working on a really exciting sculpture installation that I hope you join me in creating.

I’m carving bones out of marble.  A lot of bones.

My ultimate goal is to make a huge sculptural installation by the end of 2015.  How big?  The size of this artwork will be scaled by YOU!

That is, for every person who donates, the installation is going to grow. Whether you want me to make a hundred or a thousand, I’m going to sculpt one marble bone for every $100 received.

There is no limit.

Why Bones?  Why Kickstarter?

Bones are fascinating as abstract, sculptural forms.  Yet they also contain the same calcium that forms the geologic “bones” of the earth.  Marble is literally the crystalized skeletons of ancient sea life.  Even its veining reminds me of our own physiology.  I want to offer a poetic interpretation of these complex relationships in an immense assemblage of marble bones.

I am a believer in the limitless and unforeseeable potential of collaborative art…crowd-sourced projects take on a life of their own, continually evolving through the transformative power of the collective.  Between 2002 and 2011, hundreds of helpers joined me to create a 100-ton marble and granite 9/11 memorial in Highlands, New Jersey, which was completely crowd-sourced—both in donations of materials and cash, as well as the contribution of multiple hands in the actual sculpting process.

find out more about this project by visiting his Kickstarter page HERE


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