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Greg Dunn: Golden Neurons

Basket-and-Pyramidals-824x587 Midas-and-the-Bandsaw-486x624 What-and-Where-476x624
Influenced by Asian art, Greg Dunn loves minimalist scroll and screen painting from the Edo period in Japan. Being a fan of neuroscience, it was a fine day when he says:
“two of my passions came together upon the realization that the elegant forms of neurons (the cells that comprise your brain) can be painted expressively in the Asian sumi-e style. Neurons may be tiny in scale, but they posess the same beauty seen in traditional forms of the medium (trees, flowers, and animals).”
Artworks above:
Basket and Pyramidals: Ink on 22K Gold, 18″ X 24″

Midas and the Bandsaw: 22K gold and dye on steel, 18″ X 24″

What and Where: 18″ X 24″, Ink and 12K gold on stainless steel, scratch holography

Images © Greg Dunn

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