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Made With Molecules: Chemical jewellery

Made With Molecules

These fantastic molecular charms by Scientist-turned-artist Raven Hanna have caused quite a storm of late. Being mentioned on a few social media sites has lead to her etsy shop being completely sold out! (which is brilliant).

Here’s some words on her inspiration for the pieces:

“While reading about the science of mood and emotions, I noticed that the same neurotransmitter chemicals kept coming up again and again. It is the different combinations of the mainly the same chemical players that gives us the full spectrum of feelings.

[the pieces] come with six different neurotransmitter charms that you can clip on and off to match you mood (or what you’d prefer your mood to be). 

Included are:
acetylcholine – learning, memory, dreaming
dopamine – love, pleasure, drive
GABA – general relaxant
glutamate – general stimulant
norepinephrine – focus, drive
serotonin – happiness, relaxation, satisfaction”

One comment on “Made With Molecules: Chemical jewellery

  1. Matt Lacy
    August 6, 2013

    What stunning pieces of jewellery, I can understand her shop being sold out.

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