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Cecile Dachary: Crochet organs


French artist Cecile Dachary makes the most amazing crocheted pieces of art and includes many influenced by the body and anatomy;

‘I’m interested in the representation of the body with the fabric, it is the close relationship between this material and the human. The fabric is a second skin, a body wrap that keeps the imprint of the body that brought. This makes the living tissue, gives it a sensual materiality. The fabric bodyguard memories, whole or fragmented. This memory is kept multiple, moving, disturbing, violent, sensual or erotic. It is pattern or volume. I trace or pattern according to my emotions or my intuition the more figurative expression to a more simplified version of the original, round, through evocative organic volumes. I do not refer only outside but also inside, inventing my own representation of the body, organs and cells for microscopic bacteria, I fantasized images and gives fantastic. I try to express intimacy, the secret inside.’

One comment on “Cecile Dachary: Crochet organs

  1. This Sydney Life
    November 26, 2012

    These, I like!

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