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Alex Peck Antique Scientifica: Anatomical Models

I’m addicted to this scientific antique site. Looking for that perfect antique surgical saw perhaps..? It’s all here.

These two images above are;

Anatomical model heart circa 1890

“A scarce signed and dated 1855 antique anatomical model of the human head by Auzoux.  The model is oversized (18″ OAH) and termed greatly enlarged by Auzoux.  The half of a human head is quite detailed and dramatic.  First generation French Auzoux anatomical models are very desirable.”

“A detailed anatomical model of the human head in mid-section.  The life-size model is by Auzoux, Paris, and so marked.  It is in excellent condition and is mounted on a later base.”

One comment on “Alex Peck Antique Scientifica: Anatomical Models

  1. Alex Peck
    December 22, 2012


    I’m flattered that you favor my website.

    Good luck.



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