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Resident Evil 6: Wesker and Son Human Butchery

Last week saw the press launch of Resident Evil 6 in the UK in the form of the ‘Human Butchery’ dreamt up by freelance creative director Miss Cakehead for Capcom together with Full Fat PR. The butchery (aka “Wesker and Son”) was situated in Smithfield meat market in London, and sold edible meat products in the form of human limbs, even an entire meat lady. The event saw an entire butchers shop recreated together with amputee’s on mortuary tables being taken in the deboning room and human limbs being brought back out packaged for sale on the meat counter. The meat is actually for sale with all proceeds go to Limbless Association, which provides information and support to the limb-loss community.

Meat lady made by food artist Sharon Baker


The deboning room


The amputated leg of Colin (our amputee actor) with prosthetic make up

Resident Evil’s shocking game launch

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