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John Isaacs

The art by London based artist John Isaacs crops up a fair bit in exhibitions relating to the human body and flesh. I first saw his piece ‘A Necessary Change of Heart’ at the Spectacular Bodies exhibition at The Hayward Gallery back in 2001. At the time, art like this just hadn’t been made before and people (including myself) just couldn’t tell if this horrific site was real or not! Isaac’s ‘Blob Man’ can be seen at the Wellcome Collection permanent display. I think it’s about time Tate did a lovely retrospective… Until then, thankfully Isaacs has a comprehesive website where you can see his past work.

Images © John Isaacs, above from top;

A Necessary Change of Heart, 1999

Are You Still Mad At Me, 2001

Let the golden age begin, 2004, Wax, oil paint, wood

Further uses of the dead to the living (meat), 2008 wax, oil, paint polystyrene, stage blood & latex


One comment on “John Isaacs

  1. Debbie
    September 19, 2012

    Amazing! I saw his work at Spectacular Bodies as well and was reminiscing when it was mentioned at a Wellcome Collection talk

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