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Christine Borland

Former Turner prize Nominee Christine Borland and YBA has often explored life, death, medicine and science in her work.

Above top (1998): Detail of a set of five female pelvises each cradles a baby’s skull, like a cup in a saucer. Each is decorated with a different pattern, to stand for the genetic pattern that passes through a family line.

Above bottom ‘Cast From Nature ‘(2011): The artist has recast an Edinburgh Royal College of Surgeons’ cast of a dead human body created over 150 years ago as a teaching tool. Allegedly it was originally cast directly from a flayed male body by Edinburgh anatomist John Goodsir. You can watch a BBC CUlture Show programme about the making of the piece here.

One comment on “Christine Borland

  1. Suzie
    August 29, 2012

    I love Christine Borland’s work…thank you for this!

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