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Rachel Harmeyer

The above embroidered and embellished paper collages by Rachel Harmeyer are entitled Hysteria I, Hysteria II and Hysteria III. They’re currently on display at the Backyard Moonshine Art Collective’s exhibition “Bridging the Gap: Feminism and Femininity in Art,” which will be up from Aug 11, 2012 – Sept 9, 2012 at the SKIN Gallery in Houston. Here’s the text that isincluded with the works at the show:

‘The Hysteria series combines the traditionally feminine domestic crafts of embroidery and collage and juxtaposes them with images of the female reproductive system from an 18th c. anatomy book. Hysteria was thought to be a specifically feminine malady: the feminine reproductive organs were seen as the cause of feminine weakness, irrationality, and madness. By appropriating and altering these images of female anatomy and turning them into decorative art, I am reminding the viewer of the misogyny of medical history and challenging received ideas of femininity, beauty, and the function of female domestic craft.’

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