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Crea Fx Hyperrealistic Sculptures

I’ve always been stunned by Hyperrealistic silicon/latex sculptures. After doing some work experinence in the Prosthetics department of a Cambridge’s Addenbrookes hospital once, I got to earn massive respect for the time cosuming skill it takes to produce something that looks so life-like. The mulitiple colour pigments that make up skin flesh, adding fibres to look like capillaries to the silicon, and punching each individual hair in one by one.

Great artists such as Ron Mueck and specila effects houses such as the Jim Henson Legacy have turned this skill into an art form in itself.

Italian special effects house, Crea Fx have created a range of anatomical studies based on leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings. Take a look at their whole collection on their website.

Above from top; ‘Study of Trachea, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Anatomy’, ‘Study of the Arm Muscles, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Anatomy’

Images © Crea Fx

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