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Hidden Treasure

Hidden in the National Library of Medicine’s collection is more than 17 million items, a selection of which have been collected in the new publication form Blast Books called Hidden Treasures. 450 colour illustrations show medicine and anatomy from the eleventh century to the present.

Images from top; Life-sized fold-out model of the human body; White’s Physiological Manikin, 1886, James T. White & Co.

Atlas of Topographic Anatomy, 1911, Eugène-Louis Doyen with J.-P. Bouchon and R. Doyen; heliotypes by E. Le Deley


[Images from Blast Books]

One comment on “Hidden Treasure

  1. Vanessa Ruiz
    April 13, 2012

    Just saw this book yesterday while browsing through the Art Institute of Chicago’s gift shop. It was fascinating and I was about to get it, but could do the $50 price. Only $30 on Amazon! Great addition to one’s anatomical/medical library.

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