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Brains: The mind as matter at the Wellcome Collection

The latest exhibition showing at the Wellcome Collection, London, is Brains: The mind as matter. More than 150 objects are only display ranging from more scientific items such as segments of real brains preserved form Einstein to art pieces created around the theme of the brain. Wellcome are hoping the viewer comes away with an appreciation of the brain not necessarily from a detailed psychological perspective, but rather from a social and cultural perspective.

Above (top) is an MRI of an artists set in perspex that you can walk through, A silver cast of a skull ‘From Within’, Annie Cattrell; Silvered bronze cast, 2006 (bottom left), Professor Dennis Spencer and team performing brain surgery; Colour photograph, Terry Dagradi, 2010 (bottom right).

Helen Pynor is an artist we have covered before, and whose image was chosen as the cover image of the exhibtion (shown below): Headache (2008) by Helen Pynor. Courtesy the artist and GV Art.

[Images from Wellcome website and BBC review]

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