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Chris Bracey: Neon Skull

There’s something about neon that can make one giddy. Maybe it’s that ‘meditative’ feeling when you’ve had a couple of pints and can’t stop staring at the fruit machine, or perhaps it’s the squealings of excited children from a fairground, or maybe even the kebab shop OPEN sign flashing at 4am when you’re ravenous. Chris Bracey has taken this notion and become a household name of neon art lovers and celebrities alike (just read a bit about his notoriety here). That aside, the wallpaper of Daniel Poole Gallery (who represent Bracey) on Twitter just makes me gasp! So you can imagine, that finding out he created a homage to Damien Hirst with “Skull & Butterfly” (above bottom) made me even happier. The pictures of it at Kinetica Art Fair 2012 (above top and middle) show it’s FATE message. Shame I don’t happen to have a spare £18,500 knocking about. Lordy!

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