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Anatomical Christmas Gift Guide 3: Music

How better to say it than with Anatomy, The Loves’ final LP ‘…Love You’ even has a member of the velvet Underground as the voice of Jesus on it – how seasonal!

If that hasn’t got ya phalanges tappin’, here’s another;

Peter Gabriels latest album cover artworks embrace electron microscopy of blood cells.

Top to Bottom;

Scratch my Back shows two red blood cells embracing. (I saw this on a poster at Highbury and Islington Station a year ago and loved it so much, I made a stone carving of it… unfortunately one of them shattered while carving so it’s just one.)

New Blood Live from London shows a collection of blood cells, although my degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology is a bit rusty and I don’t think I can name all of them…. Erythrocytes, Macrophage, Platelets….hmmmm

New Blood shows a White Blood Cell on the head of a pin.

One comment on “Anatomical Christmas Gift Guide 3: Music

  1. Jennifer
    December 14, 2011

    microscopic blood cells, RBCs and WBCs as art…brilliant

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