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Anatomification of Barbie

I didn’t have a Barbie myself (I was a Sindy girl – it’s a British thing. Barbie is American and Sindy had slightly less outrageous proportions and is Bristish). However, it seems there’s a wave of working out the anatomy of Barbie, possibly because a normal person would need to have 6 ribs removed to look like her, but ultimately because she’s meant to be beautiful…. and we all know beauty is beneath the skin right?

Above, from top to bottom;

Clare and her sisters Barbie doll (That’s the spirit Clare. Hope her sister likes it!)Source

The amazing Jason Freeny (of course) does it again. Source

Yup, there’s an ‘Altered barbie‘ website, of course! ….and the video is their show

Lady Gaga ‘Born this way’ Barbie Doll by Chuck Belich

Lastly, I love this Day of the Dead Barbie, but can’t find who did it – anyone know?

One comment on “Anatomification of Barbie

  1. ruthgarde
    November 29, 2011

    I had both a Sindy and a Barbie… and did a bit of altering myself, though nothing this witty or sophisticated. I punished Sindy for being jealous of Barbie by cutting all her hair off. Psychotherapists would have a field day with that information :-S

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