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Anatomical Alphabet of Emotions


In case you’ve not yet discovered it, John Ptak runs a blog ‘Ptak Science Books’, where I stumbled across this hilarious (to an anatomy geek) article ‘An Alphabet of Anatomical Emotions and Feelings–Installment 1‘. Here Ptak delves into the psyche of anatomical dissection subjects;

“The rules are that all images must be some level of dissection, and not a simple artistic study of emotion, and that the images be at least 200 years old.  Part I of this alphabet of emotion and feelings includes awe, burdensome, contempt, disappointment, empathetic, fear, guilt, hope, intrigue, joy, lonesome, majesty, pride, resentment, surprise, trust, vulnerability and wonder.”

Above are my favourites (from top to bottom). But there are plenty more on his post.

Surprise: William Cowper, The anatomy of humane bodies, printed in Oxford in 1698.

Burdensome: Juan Valverde de Amusci (ca. 1525-ca. 1588), Anatomia del corpo humano, printed in Rome in 1560.


Hope: Hans von Gersdorff (d. 1529),  Feldtbůch der Wundartzney : newlich getruckt und gebesser, published in Strassburg in 1528.

Fear: Jacques Gamelin (1736-1803), Nouveau receuil d’ostéologie et de myologie,published in Toulouse in 1779.

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