anatomy UK

Art and creativity inspired by Anatomy and Science

Maria Volokhova

Maria Volokhova is “interested in the inner world of a human being” thus stongly influencing her ceramic pieces. Above clockwise from top;

“Jejunum teapot” The “Jejunum teapot” is for tea service, but satisfies more than your thirst. Itffacilitates the observation of the miraculous transformations that can happen when tea, food as well as idea or memory pass through unseen “tubes” of teapot,
intestines or human mind: changing its colors, smell and taste.

“Brain Bowls” These pieces were inspired by neurological research. The templates for the decorations originally come from microscopic Images of structures deep within the human brain.

“Pagen” This table installation should inspire the communication with the recipient and his reaction. I created „eat containers“. Their shapes resemble small babies. In the same time they serve as bowls, filled with different delicacies. All together they represent a service for a special meal. „Pagen“ were butlers for the aristocratic persons.

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