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Norwich Marble Brain

This marble brain sits in Norwich to commemorate Sir Thomas Browne’s (17th century author of varied works including medicine & science) work. Created by artists Patrick and Anne Poirier.

One comment on “Norwich Marble Brain

  1. Kevin Faulkner
    July 25, 2011

    This is one of over 20 pieces installed by the Poirier’s, including a giant eye inlaid in marble (optics and optical imagery are prominent in Browne’s writings).

    Sadly however several pieces of the Poirier’s sculpture display titles of Browne’s literary works which, quite literally are written in stone mis-spellings. What’s worse, recently this marble brain has been grossly misinterpreted as representing Browne’s own brain and even hilariously claimed to have tumbled out of his coffin over 150 years later !

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